Our History

The history of Cha2o Vietnamese Restaurant & Dessert Lounge began in 2012 when we wanted to create a new philosophy in tea tasting. In addition to endorsing the Vietnamese tea-drinking culture, we also wanted to advocate recycling for the environment. In order to do so, our restaurant was the first in Orange County to serve beverages, specifically Milk Teas and Fruit Teas, in reusable plastic bottles. Not only does this enhance the presentation of drinks and teas, but it promotes reusing and recycling. We wanted to lead by example.

We realized that our distinctive beverage needed a standard and distinctive bottle too. So in 2012, we designed the unique round contour of the bottle. The Cha2o bottle is distinctive with the new design of wide rims so customers could enjoy fresh fruit bits, the aroma of tea. Plus, the Cha2o bottle fits the fat straws that are needed for add-ons in the teas such as honey boba, crystal boba, rainbow jelly, and egg pudding. This effectively set us apart from the competition as the easy-to-carry packaging made it convenient for our customers to take the beverage everywhere they went.

Since the original Cha2o Vietnamese Restaurant & Dessert Lounge opened in 2012 in Artesia, California, we are proud to have served over 10 million drinks and six million entrées and counting in Southern California.

Thank you for supporting us this far. Together tastes better!

leaf + water = 2

Mission Statement

To create memories worth sharing through delicious food at a modest price point in a welcoming atmosphere.